02 July 2011

jam $1.8 juta !

jam ni dipamerkan oleh Stephen Hawking . jangan tanya aku aku pon tak kenai sapa dia . hehe
pade pendapat aku kan , jam ni sangat besar and sangat bernilai . mungkin tak ternilai pon . tapi kan lagi bagus kalau wang tu diguna untuk kebajukan ke hape ? tak gitu ?

The clock was designed by John Taylor, an inventor who made his fortune developing the kettle thermostat after graduating from Corpus Christi in the 1950s.
Dr Taylor, 72, constructed the unusual timepiece in tribute to John Harrison, the world’s greatest clockmaker, who solved the problem of longitude in the 18th century.
Around 1722 the English master clockmaker came up with the grasshopper escapement – a tiny internal device that releases the clock’s gears to move forward at each swing of the pendulum.
Dr Taylor said: ‘I decided to turn the clock inside out. Instead of hiding the grasshopper escapement inside the clock, I wanted it to be around the outside so you can see the seconds being eaten up.
He calls the new version of the escapement a ‘Chronophage’ which means time eater.



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