15 July 2011

[video] Yuna - Decorate . lagu penaman jiwa yang keruntuhan

pfffttt tgk title macam haram kan ?
tapi seriously saya suka sangat dgn lagu ni and SAYA MINAT YUNA !

lirik lagu Yuna - Decorate

so you decided to see me out of the blue
should i let you come over?
I think you're doing fine
that girl in your arms
does she know where are you come from
almost made me move out of town
you dont want me to be around
i stayed and await
just in case

finding reasons to hate you
more than before
like you have said you will call
but never at all
got rid of your number that i knew by hi

you left your things at my place
as if i have all the space
cause you know i dont mind
just come back when you think it's time

i might black and white inside boy
after makes film
left to right
by decorate
by ash burning
you laugh
just in case you show up
in case you show up

sungguh lagu ni sangat memahami hati yang tengah berduka lara ini :)
puitis lah pulak aku kan . ah lantak lah ah . hati aku ape korang tau ..

thanks sudi bace blog izzul :)


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